Animation N3S

Simplified installation

Nexans Space Saving Solution = N3S is a modular system for handling large number of optical fibres in small footprint. The system consists of patching frame, splicing frame, splicing module, subracks (ODF's) and a complete solution for managing patch cords and cables.

The philosophy of the system was already from beginning to develop a flexible, compact solution that allows easy and quick installation that is in both the installer and purchaser's interest.

Changes have imposed on N3S patching frames to make life even one step easier for all installers. In the new frame, the preterminated ODF: s can be installed from the back of the frame, which means that the ODF:cables never have to be installed from the front. The solution provides both a time saving and a smoother process at the installation which will benefit all.

The solution makes no requirement that the ODF:s has to be installed in any particular order. The box will be inserted in one of the openings in the frames corners then you easily can move the ODF- cable in the slotted gutters along the frames height to the proposed location of the booth.