Webinar about cable dimensioning and EASYCALC™

Welcome to participate in a webinar about cable dimensioning with the Product Managers Aron Andersson and Mats Klarén.


The webinar starts with a little e-learning and the basics of cable dimensioning followed by good calculation examples on the dimensioning of both indoor cable and ground cable in the new E-tool Easycalc™.

The webinar is free, but you need an account at the electricity portal at Voltimum. If you do not have a Voltimum account, you can easily create a free account by filling in some contact information at www.voltinews.se.

You will find the webinar under: https: //www.voltidu under: mum.se/content/kabeldimensionering-och-easycalc-med. (Don't forget to log in to Voltimum before clicking on the link to the course.) 

Look out for more webinars. Cable school and various product trainings are coming shortly.


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Aron Andersson Product Manager Building
Phone +46 325 801 33
Mats Klarén Product manager Utilities
Phone +46 325 80 170
Fax +46 325 803 25