Complete CPR range with fiber cable

Since 2017 there is a new regulation for fire classification of cables. Our entire range of fiber cables has now been tested and approved.

CPR_200We can therefore offer a complete range of tested fiber cables that are installed both in indoor and outdoor environments. The fiber cables in the GRHSQ product families were the last ones. Read more about the cables via the links.

CPR-rated fiber cables
In 2011, a new common EU regulation on the CE marking for cables was published. The regulation became mandatory as of July 1, 2017. The new rules applied to test methods and fire classification for cables used in buildings.

As an installer and user, it is very important to know which cables hold the dimensions based on the building specification. A great deal of work has been done with us on order to offer the right fire-rated fiber cable per class Dca. It's a safe and secure choice with Nexans fiber cable.
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