EASYCALC ™ is a free calculation tool that calculates the correct cable type and area in four easy steps. It takes into account the cable's load capacity and voltage drop. The tool is designed for consultants and installers. It´s a tool to make everyday life easier.

Which types of cables can be calculated
using EASYCALC ™?

EASYCALC ™ can be used for installation and power cables up to 1 kV.

Video on how to use EASYCALC™


1. Specify conditions for installation 
  • Enter general data for installation: 
  • Current value (A) or power (kW or kVA) 
  • Cable length (m) 
  • Voltage: AC or DC 
  • Without or with fuse
Alternative choices: EASYCALC takes into account a power factor (Cosinus Phi) of 0.85 and a voltage drop of 2%. If you have exact values, you can change them.
2. Choose the type of cable you want to use
  • Choose cable type from the list 
  • Choose the conductor type from the list
  • If necessary, select the number of parallel cables
3. Select location information 
  • Select location method 
  • Select the ambient temperature
Alternative choices: EASYCALC™ takes into account the ambient temperature of the chosen placement method. If you have the exact value, you can change this. EASYCALC™ also takes into account surrounding factors. 
4. See the result
The finished calculation gives you: 
  • Recommended cable type and area 
  • Summation of data 
  • Details of the calculation
Print the result or send it by E-mail. To send by E-mail you have to register with your E-mail adress at www.nexans.se.

Nexans EASYCALC™ is also available in our app. Download it for free on the App Store or Google Play. If you already have our app you need to update it to use EASYCALC™.