GRHL Ultimate™

A really fast micro cable.
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The Ultimate Experiment

Cables that can withstand tough Nordic conditions with cold, heat and usage.
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Cables for a Northern climate

Cables that can take cold winters and warm summers.
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Nexans Ultimate™

This is how we optimize our Ultimate ™ cables
Maybe we are a little too careful, but we always strive for perfection. That's why we put in extra time and effort to make the result the ultimate. It's all about creating a simpler life for you to enjoy your day at work.
Long blow lengths
The optimal combination of the cable's flexibility, compact design and self-made sheath materials result in long blow lengths.
Quick and easy installation
Faster and safer installation through clear color coding and easy dismantling as well as customized delivery lengths for easy handling.
Our Nordic climate
Proper construction and choice of material provide maintained cable performance despite Nexans Ultimate TM_200_textthe temperature fluctuations of the seasons and mechanical impact in tough conditions such as ice, mud, sunlight and water.
Made in Grimsås
Our Ultimate ™ cables are developed and manufactured locally in Grimsås. It is one of the reasons that makes us experts on cables that can withstand the Nordic climate.





This micro cable is optimized for long installation lengths of more than three kilometers with blowing technics in ducts with inner diameter from 8 mm depending on amount of fiber and diameter. Delivered in lengths up to 16 km. In addition to the cable being designed for our Nordic climate, the cable has different colored tubes, according to color standard S12, for a simplified and quick installation.


GAGL Ultimate TM


GAGL Ultimate™ is a microfiber cable optimized for blowing technics, developed and manufactured in Grimsås for tough Nordic conditions. Mechanically robust thanks to aramid yarn. Available in long lengths, up to 8000 meters.