Halogen free

Halogen free

Halogen-free cables are safer than PVC cables. The difference between standard cables and halogen-free cables becomes really important if there is a fire. Halogen-free cables can save lives and money.

The right cables can save lives
Halogen-free cables reduce the black smoke from a fire, allowing the room to be evacuated significantly faster. People can find the exit more quickly with better visibility and less noxious smoke.

A wise investment
Choosing halogen-free cables is also about saving money. They do not produce the harmful acids released by PVC that cause serious damage to machinery, computers, electronics and stock. This means there is no need to stop production for long periods, avoiding the resulting serious losses.

smoke test

We have compared what happens with PVC cables and halogen free cables during a fire.


Hur snabbt kommer du ut

This simple animation shows the difference when there is a fire in a room with PVC cables compared to a room with halogen-free cables.