Environmental assessment of products

We have formulated internal environmental declarations for all our products so that you can be certain that the materials used meet your own environmental standards. 

There are now a number of external environmental assessment organisations for construction products, working to ensure that buildings do not contain materials that are harmful to produce, handle or live with. There are two environmental assessment schemes for building products in the Swedish market – BVB and SundaHus.


Environmental declarations

To optimise the installation and operating characteristics, our installation cables use sophisticated materials for the insulation as well as the conductor. The cables also contain materials to create a moisture barrier and improve tensile strength, and to be used for filling between conductors, marking and reinforcing.

You can satisfy yourself that our materials meet your environmental standards. Download the environmental declarations. Click the link on the right to access our environmental declarations.


BVB product assessment

Sweden's largest property owners and developers joined forces to create an environmental assessment scheme for products. BVB provides a database containing environmental assessments for commonly used products in the construction and property sector. 



SundaHus provides a systematic database of information about products and services to help with the environmental and health assessment of construction products. Assessments are based on the supplier's product documentation and on the National Chemicals Inspectorate's rule book KIFS, its guide to priorities PRIO and the N-Class and H-Class databases. We use Prevent's chemical substances database as a reference.