Carefully chosen materials



Our plastic materials, which are used primarily in the cable insulation and the sheath (the outermost protective and insulating layer), are RoHS compliant, in other words they meet the following requirements relating to the content of certain substances:

  • Lead < 1000 ppm
  • Mercury < 1000 ppm
  • Cadmium  < 100 ppm
  • Hexavalent chromium  < 1000 ppm
  • Polybrominated biphenyl (PBB)  < 1000 ppm
  • Polybrominated biphenyl  (PBDE) < 1000 ppm


Copper and aluminium

Copper and aluminium are used in conductors and cable shielding. Both these metals are valuable raw materials which can be recovered and sold.

Other materials

Other materials are used for reinforcement, moisture sealing, etc. in the cables. Most of these materials are non-hazardous and easy to recycle. For examples:

  • Steel reinforcement
  • Aramid yarn
  • Polyester tape
  • Polypropylene tape

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