Lifemark™ recycle marking

We make it easier to recycle end-of-life cables. All thanks to our unique Lifemark™ label that facilitates sorting. A long-term sustainable solution. Enjoy your day at work.

Everybody is talking about product life cycles and ecocycle awareness. All environmental impact, from raw material manufacture to scrapping has to be considered. Worn-out products should be returned to the environment. This includes the cables which are buried and concealed everywhere in our environment.

We have Lifemark™ recycle marking - a unique marking method which puts a complete content declaration on the cable sheath, for the benefit of future generations.

Lifemark™ is a great way to a full declaration of the environmental impact of our products during their entire life cycle.

  • Facilitates recycling
  • Long-term sustainable solution
  • Unique labeling
  • Founded for 20 years ago
Lifemark markning kabel


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